my Mission

Since 2007, I have been teaching in the greater Raleigh area to all skills levels, all ages, and various musical interests. My goal is, and will always be, to help guide you to experience the joy of not only playing, but making music. 

I offer private, affordable guitar instruction to aspiring musicians of all levels. My lessons are custom-tailored to each student’s goals so that they can progress efficiently and have a great time doing so.

During the course of the lessons, I like to focus on a number of things including playing with proper technique, music theory, sight reading, ear training, and improvisation. I also like to bring out creativity in my students, so we work on songwriting and how to apply various techniques or ideas to their own music. 

I welcome all students age six and up. That means you too, adults! I highly encourage you to get in contact with me if you have any questions about my lessons.

I love having you teach Catherine because she is so “relaxed” with you and you are just wonderfully patient when you teach. Patience is definitely an asset of a good teacher!
— Debbie S., Parent

What you'll learn

  • Electric or Acoustic guitar - including various styles and techniques commonly used for either.
  • Proper Technique - holding and playing your guitar correctly and efficiently as possible.
  • Music Theory - understanding why one note works well with another and how to recreate those sounds.
  • Sight Reading - allowing you to be proficient in both standard notation and tablature.
  • Ear Training - anything from tuning your guitar without a digital tuner to learning your favorite songs without sheet music.
  • Chords - the building blocks of popular music and songs. 
  • Scales - understanding and using groups of notes effectively.
  • Improvisation - being able to freely play with any musicians in any scenario.
  • Songwriting - taking your small ideas and make them into a full song.
  • Band Dynamics - working well with other musicians and maximizing every note of every performance.